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Charles Fluker, Jr.

August 30, 1937 ~ April 16, 2018 (age 80)
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A Biographical Reflection: My Life Story

Charlie aka (Charles) Fluker, Jr.

“To everything there is a season and a tie to every purpose under the heaven.”


Before your eyes is a brief  summary of my life that has been written to capture my time on this earth.  The journey at times was difficult, but I enjoyed every step along the way.  I wouldn’t take anything for the experiences, the still moments, the conversations, the tears and the smiles.

To my family, I leave my legacy of love and servitude.  Always remember to put others before yourself.

To my friends, I leave you the challenge of building one another up, rather than tearing each other down.

To my community, please continue to watch over and care for one another.

To the churches that I have served, I leave you the thirst for Christ.

Chapter 1: In the Beginning

I was born Charlie Fluker, Jr. on August 30, 1937 in Coila, MS to Charlie and Lula Lee Smith Fluker.  My non-traditional personality dates  to my birth.  It was very soon that Annie, Richard, Jefferson, and James were added to the family. I knew early on that I really, really liked being the big brother and enjoyed getting lots of attention.

Chapter 2: The Early Years

My paternal grandparents (Jefferson Fluker and Gertrude Wall Land) and maternal grandparents (Richard and Alma Jackson Smith), along with my mother and father, played a significant role in molding my values and belief systems. Growing up in rural Carroll County, I have many fond memories of running around and playing near the creeks with my siblings, cousins and friends. I vividly remember the family gatherings for Sunday dinners, walking to my aunts and uncles houses, visiting cousins and friends where we grew up like brothers and sisters.

I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior and became a member of the Bethel Christian Church, Disciple of Christ in Coila. All of my sisters and brothers attended Bethel as well. By this time, a second set of children were added to the family. Myrtis, William, Fred, Claude and Lula Doris, who stole all our hearts. Since we had to work, school attendance was contingent upon the farm season. As a teenager, I drove the school bus along with my dad and I still managed to graduate from Marshall High School in North Carrollton, MS in 1959.

I experienced many great moments after high school and I knew early on from driving the school bus that my desire was to become a professional truck driver.  Being a truck driver for different companies allowed me the opportunity to explore different areas and cultures throughout the United States. I pause, to give God thanks in every circumstance everyday for His protection all those years when I had to battle snow, sleet, ice and rain on a packed interstate to deliver groceries, medical, technology supplies and farm equipment.

      Chapter 3: Time to Build   

From a previous marriage, my son Charles (Dub) was born.  A man always dream of his kids wanting to do stuff with him and taking on his hobbies.  Never did I dream that Dub would follow me and select a career in professional driving.

As I worked and traveled throughout the years, I decided to take on a position that wouldn’t require being on the road so much.

Let me begin be saying that love was in the air.  On April 21, 1973, I married the lovely Ms. Bertha Lee Reed, whom I loved very much.  My loving wife is a devoted, smart, funny, fun  to be around and most of all very charming.  To my loving wife Bertha, I thank you for the late night laughs and early morning kisses.  Bertha, I thank you for holding my hands when times were tough.  I thank you for the pleasure of you being my loving wife.  Hugs and kisses to you my love.

Not long after, Bertha and I were expecting our baby boy, Frederick to make his arrival.  Frederick soon proved to be my highway companion and my nurse was blessed with an angelic voice like his mom.  Furthermore, I enjoyed my new in-laws and they welcomed me into this big wonderful and loving family.

Chapter 4: Time to Cultivate

Bertha and I traveled a lot and we enjoyed it.  Anyone who knows me know I didn’t let dust settle under my feet.  I don’t think that we missed any good restaurant along the way.  Well. Retirement was right around the corner.  It has been rewarding to share with others.  I have one daughter-in-law, Gwen, who gave me one granddaughter, Candy and three grandsons, Charles III, Timothy and Jeremy.  I have seven great-grands too. I love them all very much.

Chapter 5: I Have an Announcement

Well folks, I have a hugh announcement!!! I have relocated and want to notify you of an address change.  I have gone to be with the Lord.  You know the Word of God tells us that to be absent from the body, is to be present with the Lord (II Corinthians 5:8).  Bertha, Frederick and Dub, you all have done a great job.  Thank you for your love, support patience and humbleness.  Continue to put your trust in the Lord.  I believe that each of you are uniquely prepared with your own individual skill sets to do the work that is now set before you.  I’ve had some great times with all of you.

I’m looking forward to seeing mama, daddy, James, family and friends.

Well, you know I can get a little longwinded, but this is all the space that they allowed me. If you want to hear the rest of the story, live your life now to get here. Have fun everyone, I know I will be having a mighty, mighty good time.  Remember, family should stick together, no matter what.  I Love You ALL!!!

                                                                                           (Signed):  Charles




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